About Financial Network Recovery


Since 1992, Financial Network Recovery has built a family of satisfied clients by focusing on specific industries. We stand by our claim of being exceptional, not to sell our services but because our satisfied family of clients tell us we are!

The value of experience cannot be underestimated when considering who best to protect your interests. Our management’s 75+ combined years of experience drive the divisions of Financial Network Recovery which provide pre and post charge-off services dedicated to these industries:

Insurance Division

Financial Network Recovery is honored to be one of the few providers of services to the Department of Insurance’s Conservation and Liquidation Division specializing in:

  • Workers’ compensation, audit facilitation and collection services.
  • Premium finance collection services.

Education Division

Financial Network Recovery analyzes your regulatory environment and relationship with the student. Results are maximized while giving you the comfort knowing your fine reputation will be maintained.

Credit Union and Financial Services Division

A boutique approach has differentiated Financial Network Recovery’s work in financial services. By focusing on organizations such as credit union groups we can provide a targeted approach for best results.

Our focus and philosophy produce a mutual commitment that greatly surpasses the standard client/service provider relationship and distinguishes Financial Recovery Network from our competitors. Our industry professionals have been trained in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and follow proper, professional telephone collection techniques.

Financial Network Recovery is committed to proving that substantial recoveries are achievable without sacrificing compliance by maintaining a professional approach when negotiating with borrowers. Financial Network Recovery is firmly committed to setting the highest standards for our current and future client partners. This bold and ambitious aspiration has successfully led to command performances in meeting our clients’ expectations.

Contact us to see how we can increase your recovery results while maintaining a sharp eye on compliance.